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2021 The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart
Source: Time:2021-12-06 PV:3856

    On December 2nd, 2021, Battery Show Europe came to a successful conclusion at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany! As the world's leading overall solution provider for lithium-ion cell intelligent manufacturing, Hangke Technology demonstrates its strong technical R&D strength and exquisite innovation ability in the exhibition!

    The Battery Show Europe is the largest local exhibition of latest energy battery technology in Europe, gathering industry players and experts from Asia, North America and Europe in battery development and application. Hangke exhibited the post-processing system of Formation and Grading system, conveyer system and intelligent control system, which won the praise of customers and laid the foundation for exploring new customers and in-depth market development.

    Hangke Technology has been deeply engaged in the R&D and innovation of li-ion cell post-processing system for more than 30 years. Nowadays, Hangke has set up subsidiaries and after-sales centers in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Poland and Germany. In the future, Hangke will further deepen the global service to provide high quality service for partners and contribute to greener energy!